As a marketing consultant, I enjoy working with businesses and helping make sure their marketing works well. For most company owners or directors, that means winning new customers and increasing profits. How? I specialise in creating and running marketing activity which generates a high volume of quality enquiries.

Having started my career in sales and account management, I appreciate the support that sales teams require. It’s essential to make sure enough leads are being generated and qualified so that the commercial strategy is backed up by effective promotional activity, analysis and reporting.

If you have a question about marketing I will do my best to answer it, and I offer a free initial conversation, without charge or obligation.

David is determined to seek out the best solution to a problem, a task or a strategy. He is inquisitive, perceptive and able to turn these analytical skills in to practical strategies that deliver results. And finally he is personable, has integrity and can be relied upon to do the right thing.
David is a capable and experienced marketer in the regulated financial services arena. His progressive vision allows him to make strategic recommendations that push forward the brands he works with. Most of all David is a likeable and very hard-working individual. I look forward to working with him again on many occasions in the future.
CEO, Digital and social media agency


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